U.S. House of Representatives

Lloyd Doggett

U.S. Congressman, 35th District
Lloyd Doggett is an American attorney and politician who is a U.S. Representative from Texas. A member of the Democratic Party, he has represented a district based in the state capital and his hometown, Austin, since 1995. While representing Austin in Congress, Doggett has fought to protect immigrants, women's rights, LGBT equality, and net neutrality. He has voted to expand healthcare and preserve social safety nets such as Social Security and the TANF Program. He supports green energy and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He was re-elected in November 2016 with 61% of the vote.

Represented By A Republican?

Travis County is one of the most gerrymandered places in the nation.

Parts of five congressional districts are located in Travis County, yet none of them has a majority of its residents or votes in Travis County. This means that despite overwhelming support for Democratic candidates at all levels of government, most Austin residents are represented by Republicans at the national level.

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