Finance Council Members of the Travis County Democratic Party constitute those who contribute a minimum of $1,000 total in annual contributions separate and above any contributions for a TCDP sponsored event or for the TCDP biennial Coordinated Campaign. Members receive prominent listing on our website and in our publications as well as at Travis County Democratic Party functions. Free general admission to TCDP sponsored events is also a member benefit.

If you are interested in joining your local Democratic Party at this level, you can join online or contact us at 512.477.7500 or

Member contributions are accepted by bank draft, credit card, or check.

If contributing by check, please make out to “Travis County Democratic Party” and mail to:
Travis County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 684263
Austin, TX 78768-4263

Thank you to our current Finance Council Members!

Mr. Aaron Mueller
Ms. Amanda Dealey
Mr. Blair Dancy
Ms. Catherine Mauzy
Mr. Chuck Grigson
Mr. Eric Hartman
Mr. Elliot Johnson
Hon. Elisabeth Earle
Hon. Jan Soifer and Patrick O’Connell
Hon. John Lipscombe
Hon. Nancy Hohengarten
Mr. Joseph Reynolds
Ms. Karen Kennard
Ms. Lara Wendler
Mr. Mark Orr
Mr. Marvin Hecker
Ms. Mary Patrick
Hon. Michael Denton
Mr. Michael Whellan
Ms. Nancy Mossman
Ms. Anne Wynne
Mr. Perry Lorenz
Mr. Richard Anton
Hon. Vincent Harding
Hon. William Hamilton
Mr. Michael Lewis
Mr. John Mitchell
Mr. Paul Quinzi