Messaging Strategy

Sign up for action alerts and Join TCDP’s rapid response team this session. There will be opportunities to get involved online and off including: petitions, public testimony, social media engagement, letter writing, calling and/or visiting legislators. You can find these events on our calendar. We will also work to hold our newly elected city council members accountable with a new “City Council Watch” form also available on our website. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook.

State Officials on Social Media

House Delegation
Rep. Dawnna Dukes = @DawnnaDukes
Rep. Donna Howard = @DonnaHowardtx
Rep. Celia Israel = @CeliaIsrael
Rep. Gina Hinojosa = @GinaForAustin
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez = @EddieforTexas
Senate Delegation
Sen. Kirk Watson = @KirkpWatson
Sen. Judith Zaffirini = @JudithZaffirini

Framing Basics

Issues and Influencers
Health care, education, transportation // Water, guns, taxes, more taxes, immigration, LGBT

General Messaging: #txlege
Progress Texas, Texas Forward (advocacy tool kit), CPPP, Tips on testifying at the Capitol

Reproductive health & health care (coverage gap, abortion): #txhealth, #TrustTx
Naral, Planned Parenthood of Texas, Texas Well and Healthy,

Education issues (funding, Pre-K, vouchers, testing): #txed TSTA

Social & Economic justice (payday lenders,
Texas Organizing Project, Texas Freedom Network, Texans for Public Justice, Texas Impact, Equality Texas

Immigration (Border Security, Tx DREAM Act): TOP, Keep HB 1403


Burnt Orange Report, Texas Observer, RH Reality Check, Off the Kuff, Daily Texan

Good read/listen/watch:
Read: Discover Magazine: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Liberals and Conservatives

– “liberals would be more flexible and reliant on data, proof, and analytic reasoning, and conservatives are more inflexible (prefer stability), emotion-driven…”
Watch: George Lakoff – Don’t think of an Elephant
– Understanding the issue of “framing,” and why the GOP has been so successful at it.

Listen: John Hibbing – Biology of Ideology

Read: DNC’s Victory Task Force Preliminary Report of 2014

Download the book: Voicing our Values

Read: Progressive Narrative Mapping

Read: The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt

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