Your Donation's Impact


TCDP has a full time staff that handles administrative tasks like paperwork, filing, maintaining the website, calendar, and digital presence, answering phone and email inquiries, organizing events, and creating documentation and collateral. Our staff supports the Party Chair and executes their vision for TCDP.


Every election year (including mid-terms) TCDP helps manage a coordinated campaign which promotes Democrats across the ballot. These campaigns require organizing hundreds of volunteers across Travis County, and creating digital and printed materials to get the word out.


TCDP works with the Travis County Clerk's Office to administer our Democratic primaries. We receive and notarize all applications, file them with Secretary of State, place and hire more than 400 election workers, and organize get-out-the-vote efforts.


We host multiple events throughout the year, such as the Johnson Bentsen Richards Dinner, the County Convention, and the Quartet of Stars Honoree Dinner. We also help organize rapid response events, protests, sit-ins, voter registration blitzes, and block walks.


Our staff and elected officials have deep relationships with local legislators and elected officials. We organize outreach and lobbying efforts on behalf of Travis County residents.

Voter Registration

Registering new voters and energizing existing ones is crucial to Democratic victory. We hold multiple get-out-the-vote events throughout the year, train deputy voter registrars, and are responsible for Travis County's high rate of voter registration and participation.