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2018 Democratic Primary

2018 Democratic Primary

The 2018 Democratic Primary will take place on Tuesday, March 6th.

Early voting will be available from February 20th until March 2nd.

Polling locations have not been finalized, but you can view the list of current polling locations on the Travis County Clerk’s website.

At the local, state, and national level we have had an unprecedented number of Democrats filing for public office. We believe this uptick in the number of engaged Democratic challengers is a sign of the blue wave to come. Voter turnout is crucial to turning Texas blue and we encourage you to get out the vote!

For a full list of primary candidates, visit our previous post.

Now Hiring 2018 Primary Election Judges

Now Hiring 2018 Primary Election Judges

We are looking for motivated Election Day Poll Workers to help assist with voting in the 2018 Travis County Democratic Primary.

Working on Election Day is long and often intense, but very rewarding. Election Day Poll Workers must be:

  • Registered to vote in Travis County
  • Able to attend a required training prior to Election Day
  • Available to work from 6AM – 8PM (or until the polls close) on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
  • Able to transport election equipment
  • Bilingual in Spanish a plus

During the primary election, the pay is $8.00 per hour. For all other elections, the pay is $10.00 to $12.00 per hour.

Interested? Please fill out our Sign Up Sheet.

You will be responsible for picking up election equipment for your precinct, marking early voters in the poll book, locating clerks to work at the polls and making sure the election is fair and problem-free.

Election Judges are appointed by the Parties and hired, trained and paid by Travis County Elections.  Many precincts need your help, if selected, you can sign up to work at any vacant election site shown here in gray:

Interested? Please fill out our Sign Up Sheet.

Election Center for 2017 Election

Election Center for 2017 Election

The next election will take place on November 7, 2017! Many residents of Travis County will vote on several important issues ranging from a major bond proposal for AISD to constitutional amendments for property tax reductions for disabled veterans and widows. Several municipalities other than Austin will also be voting for their elected city officials. Make sure that you keep yourself informed! You can find your sample ballot by visiting

The Party endorsed the AISD Bond proposal and encourages you to support this investment in public education that has unanimous support from the Trustees.

The Party has endorsed two candidates for Pflugerville City Council, Adeline Bui and Jim McDonald. Both candidates have a strong track record of supporting progressive values and advocating for the communities they represent.

The Texas Democratic Party has also developed a voter guide for the for the constitutional amendments all Texans will vote on November 7th. Make sure to read before you vote!

Early voting will take place at polling locations all over Travis County from Monday, October 23rd to Friday, November 3rd. Make sure you have a voting plan to ensure you get to the polls! We’ll see you at the polls November 7th!


UPDATE: Congrats to Heather Jefts & Anne Duffy!

UPDATE: Congrats to Heather Jefts & Anne Duffy!

Our County Executive Committee (CEC) voted to endorse Heather Jefts (Place 5) and Anne Duffy (Place 3) for Cedar Park City Council, since there is a part of Cedar Park that is in Travis County.

On May 6th, both candidates unseated Republican incumbents. Anne Duffy won with 57.67% of the vote and Heather Jefts won with 57.62%.
If you’d like to learn more about the Councilmembers-Elect or the Williamson County Democrats, click below!


Heather Jefts: Facebook | Website

Anne Duffy: Facebook | Website

Williamson County Democrats: Facebook | Website

Travis County #StrongerTogether

Travis County #StrongerTogether

Our Governor played politics and has cut state funding to many of our County’s Criminal Justice Division programs that help the County serve women, children, and veterans. Our community will suffer if the programs are abruptly eliminated.

That’s why State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez is spearheading an effort in collaboration with fellow elected officials and local & state progressive community organizations called Travis County #StrongerTogether. The goal of the initiative is to harness the passion and resources of Travis County residents to help fund the programs that have been threatened by Governor Greg Abbott cutting Criminal Justice Division (CJD) grants to Travis County.
Together, we will raise the funds necessary to ensure that our community does not suffer during these uncertain times.

“If Governor Abbott is willing to sacrifice our women, children, and veterans to score political points, then we will show him the power of love.”
– State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez

If you would like to donate to restore the money Governor Abbott took away, click here. The community will suffer if these programs are abruptly eliminated, but we know that the people of Travis County are resilient and will take care of each other.



Vincent Harding, Chair
Travis County Democratic Party

Note: Travis County #StrongerTogether is working with the local non-profit Austin Community Foundation to ensure that the process is transparent and funds raised are used to maintain the threatened programs.

Election Information Center

Election Information Center

Early Voting Dates: October 24-November 4

Hours vary at different polling locations. 


Election Day: November 8, 7am-7pm.

Click this link for polling locations, sample ballots, and to find out if you are registered to vote.  or go to


If you have concerns or would like to report voter suppression or disenfranchisement please contact the voter protection hotline at

1-844-TXVOTES (898-6837)

Questions about the new Voter ID Laws? Read below for more information.


If you have a photo ID you must bring it and show it to vote.

Don’t have an ID?

Don’t worry you can still vote and it is easy!

Voter ID Basics

What to bring with you to vote:

When you vote in Texas, show one of the following photo IDs at your polling place:

● TX Driver’s License issued by the Department of Public Safety

● TX Personal ID card issued by the Department of Public Safety

● TX concealed handgun license issued by the Department of Public Safety

● TX Election ID Certificate issued by the Department of Public Safety

● US military ID card with your photo

● US Certificate of Citizenship or US Certificate of Naturalization with your photo

● US passport book or card

These photo IDs must be current or have expired no more than 4 years before you vote.



If you’re a registered voter but do not possess a photo ID listed above, don’t worry, you can still vote

a regular ballot! Here’s how:

Sign a declaration stating that (1) you are who you say you are at the voting booth and (2) have a

reasonable impediment or difficulty for having an accepted photo ID, and (3) provide:

1. a valid voter registration certificate,

2. a certified birth certificate (must be an original); or

Pol. Adv. paid for by the Texas Democratic Party,

3. a copy or original of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check,

paycheck, or government document with your name and an address thereon (a

government document with your photo must be original)

Know Your Rights!

Your name as printed on your ID does not need to exactly match your name as it appears on the

registration rolls. As long as the two versions of your name are substantially similar, you will be

allowed to vote on a regular ballot.

Your address as printed on your ID does not need to match your address as it appears on the

registration rolls. Even if these addresses are completely different, you will be allowed to vote on a

regular ballot.

If you have a documented disability or religious objection to being photographed, you can apply for

an exemption from the photo ID requirement at your local registrar’s office.


If you don’t have one of the accepted IDs, you can get a free Election ID Certificate from your

nearest Department of Public Safety Office, or at one of the Secretary of State’s mobile ID stations.

In order to get a free Election ID Certificate, you’ll need to bring documentation with you to verify

your identity and to show that you are a U.S. citizen. Most people need an original birth certificate

plus two supporting documents.

If you don’t have your birth certificate, you can get one from a Vital Records Office for free (if you go

in person and tell them you need a birth certificate for voting), or online for $22.

Become a Deputy Voter Registrar!

Become a Deputy Voter Registrar!

Help Travis County reach their goal of 90% registered voters!

Sign up to become a Deputy Voter Registrar and register voters all over the county.

Election Day is fast approaching and the deadline to register to vote is October 11! 

Sign up below for one of our VDR trainings so you can start getting people registered.

Once you are deputized, sign up for one of our volunteer events at our coordinated campaign office (1500 E 4th St.).

You can also become a deputized voter registrar through the Travis County Tax Office
First Tuesday of the month (August 2)
Travis County Tax Office
5501 Airport Blvd.
Trainings at 10:30AM, 12:30PM, and 6:30PM
Arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure you are deputized