Become a Precinct Chair

A precinct is the smallest political subdivision in Texas. Precinct Chairs are the officials elected to oversee individual precincts – their responsibility is to engage directly with voters in a small, geographic area.
Each party elects a precinct chair in their primary every two years. Precinct Chairs also sit on the County Executive Committee, which conducts the local business of the Party.


  • Organizing their precinct
  • Mobilize voters and get them to the polls
  • Bridging the gap between voters and elected officials
  • Finding election judges for elections
  • Plugging volunteers into county-wide efforts and local campaigns
  • Organizing and conducting the precinct convention
  • Encouraging primary voters to attend precinct conventions
  • Serving on the County Executive Committee


Applicants file for a spot on the Democratic Primary ballot*. Once elected, chairs serve a two-year term and represent their precinct on the county executive committee (CEC). The CEC is made up of all precinct chairs and the county party elected officers (county chair, secretary, and Senate district officers). The CEC is the voting body of the county party. CEC meets monthly during election years. Attendance is important.

If a precinct has no chair, it’s considered to be “vacant.” A precinct chair may be appointed to an un-expired term throughout the year. Those appointments must be approved by a vote of the CEC. Precinct chairs are typically sworn in at the CEC meeting immediately following the Democratic Primary. Chairs appointed to fill vacancies or un-expired terms. are usually sworn in at the time of their confirmation by the CEC.


  • be 18 or older
  • be a registered voter
  • reside in that precinct
  • have voted in the Democratic primary election in the year in which he or she is elected precinct chair
  • precinct chairs can’t be elected officials or candidates for county, state or federal office.

Precinct chairs are Party “elected officials.” Your contact information will be posted on the TCDP web site. An important part of being a precinct chair is being accessible and visible as a Democrat in your community.

What If My Precinct Already Has a Chair?

We encourage all of our precinct chairs to build a team of core volunteers in order to organize and contact voters. If your precinct already has a chair we encourage you to reach out and work together to organize. Click here to see the full list of current precinct chairs.