Charlottesville – Fight Racism At Every Turn


Like many of you, I was horrified by the scenes in Charlottesville this past weekend. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of those that we lost and were injured. Nothing can ever repair the damage that has been done.

While I was horrified by what I saw, I was not shocked. For years, Donald Trump has spoken with “dog whistles” and refused to disavow the support of white supremacist, neo-nazis, confederate sympathizers, and the KKK. We are at a critical point for our nation. We cannot sit on the sidelines or play pitty pat but must be clear with our repudiation of the abhorrent displays of racism and evil in our world. Now is the time to stand up and make one thing clear: This must end now!

Locally, I am in full support of Mayor Adler, Council Members Kitchen and Casar, and other Council Members efforts to rename Robert E. Lee road in Austin. I helped lead the fight for the removal of the Jefferson Davis Statue on the UT Campus and will do whatever I can to provide support to the Mayor and Council Members in this effort. Let’s get this done.

As many of you have probably seen, similar rallies are being planned around the country and in Texas, including here in Austin. We will remain strong and unafraid during these trying times. It is important for our community to show up at counter protests and unity events. We must fight racism at every turn. Hate has no place here or anywhere. Our community’s strength, unity, and resilience will win out.



Vincent Harding, Chair
Travis County Democratic Party