Travis County #StrongerTogether

Our Governor played politics and has cut state funding to many of our County’s Criminal Justice Division programs that help the County serve women, children, and veterans. Our community will suffer if the programs are abruptly eliminated.

That’s why State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez is spearheading an effort in collaboration with fellow elected officials and local & state progressive community organizations called Travis County #StrongerTogether. The goal of the initiative is to harness the passion and resources of Travis County residents to help fund the programs that have been threatened by Governor Greg Abbott cutting Criminal Justice Division (CJD) grants to Travis County.
Together, we will raise the funds necessary to ensure that our community does not suffer during these uncertain times.

“If Governor Abbott is willing to sacrifice our women, children and veterans to score political points, then we will show him the power of love.”
– State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez

If you would like to donate to restore the money Governor Abbott took away, click here. The community will suffer if these programs are abruptly eliminated, but we know that the people of Travis County are resilient and will take care of each other.



Vincent Harding, Chair
Travis County Democratic Party

Note: Travis County #StrongerTogether is working with the local non-profit Austin Community Foundation to ensure that the process is transparent and funds raised are used to maintain the threatened programs.