17 Ways to Get Involved

At our Stronger Together Community Gathering event on 11/17/2016, we passed out a list of 17 ways to get involved in 2017. Here they are!

  1. Always fight for what’s right and push against Trump’s campaign agenda.
  1. Remember the impact individuals have made in our history and follow their example.
  1. Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar.
  1. Help organize your precinct and possibly become a precinct chair.
  1. Volunteer with TCDP or campaigns to elect as many Democrats as we can.
  1. Donate to TCDP or Democratic officials.
  1. Know your local officials and provide feedback.
  1. Get involved with issues at the local level including school board, community college, City Council, and County Commissioners Court. Attend meetings and provide public testimony.
  1. Sign up for a city/county board or commission.
  1. Write letters and meet with leaders of state agencies.
  1. Fight to maintain local control by providing public comment at legislative hearings.
  1. Impact Texas legislature by meeting with staff and going to rallies.
  1. Contact your Congressperson and U.S. Senator to make your voice heard regarding decisions and appointments.
  1. Consider taking steps to prepare to run for office.
  1. Reflect on ways of improvement and take corresponding action.
  1. Follow the golden rule and operate with integrity and respect for each other.
  1. Volunteer at a nonprofit or public service organization.