Thank You & Welcome To The Party


Dear Democrat,

On behalf of the Travis County Democratic Party, I want to thank you for your engagement in the electoral process and for your volunteer efforts through our Coordinated Campaign with Battleground Texas during the 2014 election campaign. Although the statewide election did not go as we had hoped, your efforts in Travis County, where we all coordinated closely, were successful and made a difference. In Travis County, we saw increased voter registration numbers, increased Democratic performance, increased straight Democratic ticket voting, and we even unseated one of the last Republicans in our county government. There is no doubt that these results would not have been possible without your involvement and the valuable efforts of so many volunteers like you.

The TCDP is looking toward to the future and we have begun planning for 2016. I want to let you know that your volunteer efforts are appreciated and to encourage you to continue working for a better Texas. I know that Texas is not a red state, it is a non-voting state, and together we can change that. To do that, we must not give up – we must redouble our efforts to organize in our neighborhoods by getting deputized to register voters again and making a plan to get out the vote.

To that end, we hope that you will consider joining the TCDP as a Precinct Chair, or if your precinct already has a Chair, working with your Chair to help organize neighborhood teams in your precinct. You can click here to find out what precinct you live in, and click here to see if your Precinct Chair position is filled. If you want more information about the responsibilities of a Precinct Chair, you can reply to this email or call our office at 512-477-7500. For more information on the TCDP, you can visit our website,

Serving as a Democratic Party County Chair requires a huge time commitment, especially for an unpaid position, but ensuring that Texas lives up to the values we share is hugely important, so this is a job I am honored to do. Volunteers who dedicate so much of their time and energy to help us Turn Texas Blue inspires me to keep going. I hope that you will keep up the fight, and like me, that you will redouble your efforts. Please know that the entire Democratic Party is grateful for your work with the Coordinated Campaign and Battleground Texas on behalf of our candidates, and that we welcome you to join us as we keep working to ensure that Texasโ€™s leadership shares our values and our vision for Texas.


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Jan Soifer, Chairwoman
Travis County Democratic Party

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