TCDP Passes Resolutions to End Compliance with ICE Detainers Under “Secure Communities”

The Travis County Democratic Party has passed 3 resolutions in regards to the “Secure Communities” program and it’s implementation.

We passed the first at the County Convention and it was sent to the state party for consideration at the State Convention in June. It addressed our plea for state and local authorities to opt out of enforcement since we now know the program is optional.

At the last CEC meeting we passed two additional resolutions. One addressed the Travis County Sheriff’s department and its use of local resources to comply with ICE and their request for detainment that typically has led to deportations — including individuals arrested for non-criminal offenses like traffic violations. We also passed a resolution calling on President Obama to take executive action to end these deportations while he pleads with congress over comprehensive immigration reform.

All 3 resolutions can be viewed here.