TCDP Committee Members

Committee charges:

Real Estate: To locate a 2014 coordinated campaign office, and possibly a building that TDP and TCDP might jointly purchase.

Diversity and Outreach: This includes working with women, minority, and youth-oriented Democratic clubs and elected officials, and planning community meetings to assist in attracting minority, women, and young voters.

Messaging: This is to come up with a new mission statement for our website, an elevator speech about why we are Democrats, and a pocket card on Democratic values.

Fundraising: This includes planning fundraising events for the Coordinated Campaign and recruiting new Sustaining Members and Finance Council Members.

Recruiting and Training: To help recruit precinct chairs and volunteers.

Area Team Planning: This is to plan, organize and implement meetings of all Precinct Chairs in each House District.

Rules and Procedures: Rule on parliamentary procedure and insure TCDP abides by state party rules.

Committee Members:

Finance Fundraising Real Estate Messaging Recruitment & Training Area Team Planning Rules & Procedures Diversity & Outreach
Hugh Brady, Chair Rosanne Scott/Yvonne Massey Davis, Co-Chairs Glen Maxey, Chair Lou McCreary, Chair Mary Ann Neely, Chair Jim Bryce, Chair Hugh Brady, Chair Bobbi Kommineni, Chair
Fred Cantu Heidi Gibbons Aaron Cleaver Chris Corsbie Cynthia Henderson Gregory Charles Amy Bruno Fred Cantu, Vice-Chair
Donna Beth McCormick Bobbi Kommineni Jeanette Scott Sarah Goodfriend Beth Johnson Claudia Corum Bonnie Cahill Jeff Travillion, Vice-Chair
Sharon Hargis Kim Taylor David Mauro Matt Harper Rosanne Scott Marvin Hecker Vanessa Fuentes Lize Burr, Vice-Chair
Curtis Smith Jeanette Scott Jennifer Mueller Jim Bryce Chris Corsbie David Mann John Lawler, Vice-Chair
Jeanette Scott Lisa Filemyr Herman Prager III Bonnie Cahill Herman Prager III Glen Maxey Wendy Kalthoff
Amy Bruno Laura Hernandez David Mann Heidi Gibbons Robert Sheldon David Mauro
Diane Holloway Lorenzo Sadun Sarah Goodfriend Lorenzo Sadun Greg Charles
Robert Sheldon Matt Harper Curtis Smith Vanessa Fuentes
Celeste Villarreal Marvin Hecker Cindy Metcalf
Cathy Schechter Cindy Metcalf
Hector Silva